An Inkling

Ladies and Gentlemen! I finally have a story for you. And you should be excited because as of a few days ago, I am starting a real story. Already almost 2,000 words it. Shit’s getting pretty serious so stay tuned.

Here you go, a short little bit of work I came up with on the spot. Decided the best name for it was…

An Inkling

Infatuation, need, bordering on obsession

These describe feelings of fans, unrequited love-struck admirers, and sometimes ordinary people who just want something to have feelings about

The object of desire can change and twist into something wonderful or dark or both

The voice of want inside threatens to come out and show its truth

Sometimes that is exciting and tempting, and other times it is terrifying and forbidden

The feelings want to get out, rip through and show their true colors, just to feel some relief would be enough

But they can’t, they must hide what inside and suffer in silence

Silent screams that thrash around and build up until they again threaten to burst through the quiet reserve

Ignore them, but they are always there in the deepest depths

Just waiting for their time in the light

They will ruin everything, but eventually, they will be too much to simply push down

They will spill out, opening up old wounds, making new ones

It won’t matter

They will escape

They’re just waiting for the proper time to make their grand entrance

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