Tale as old as time…

Hello again!

Feels like it’s been ages doesn’t it? So sorry about all that. Since we last saw each other I have moved out of my parent’s house, figured out how to live on my own (barely), and have seen a wonderful high school production of Beauty and the Beast.

Now there is a bit of a gap between all of those things, but I just want to try and forget that and imagine that I just saw you yesterday. Like a story, a fairy tale if you will. (A tale as old as time…)

In any case, the play got me thinking about love and sacrifice and courage and all that jazz. Made me wonder if any of the things that happened in the play could happen in real life. So, could it?

Here’s a modern take on it. Think about this. You and your father live alone together in the country, your mother passed away when you were young so he is all you have. He goes away on a business trip and mysteriously disappears, with no calls or text messages to let you know what happened. Naturally, you would want to find out what happened so you go off on a journey to where he was last seen to try and bring him back. You find the office where your father was supposed to be meeting a rich entrepreneur to discuss new inventions. You find out that your father has been on house arrest at the office of the entrepreneur because he doesn’t want your father to disclose any secret information to anyone else. You make a deal with the rich entrepreneur that he can keep you on house arrest if he lets your father go home. He agrees and although the man is rich and could give you anything your heart desires he is a horrible beast *pun* and you are repelled by him. After getting to know him better, you start to realize he isn’t as bad as you originally thought, he’s a good cook and has a vast library that you could spend forever in, so the story goes and you fall in love yada yada.

But what about the second pursuer?

So, another young man, wealthy in your town has been hinting that he wants to hook up with you and has been for a long time, but since he is so narcissistic you decide “better not”. Good for you, now you have the wealthy entrepreneur all to yourself, but what about the looks? Well, in this day and age there’s a little something people like to go to called plastic surgery. So you and your prince live happily ever after with the ‘other guy’ pining away figuring out what he’s gonna do now (probably go make out with his mirror).

Not as exciting and romantic as the real tale of Beauty and the Beast, but it’s definitely a perspective. Thanks, reality for ruining everything.

Just thought this would be something interesting for people to pick their minds at.

Goodnight, until next time.

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