My first “like”…

So, this is exciting. Today I received an email that said someone liked my latest post! Very exciting. I just thought I would share my excitement with all of you. My passion for writing is something that has always been strong and I don’t think it will fade even in the future.

When I was a young girl, all I wanted to do was write stories and be like all my favorite authors. It wasn’t about fame or getting money. I only wanted to do what made me happy, and I wanted others to be happy reading my work.

I wanted to go into journalism, but my major has changed. I would like to write on the side and see if I can get anything published. I hope that my love for writing will continue to be just that, a passion and a hobby. Although, a little fame and fortune couldn’t hurt either.

Goodnight all, thank you for following, reading, or whatever it is you do.

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