The difference between I can’t and I won’t…

Alright. Here are some personal things that I’d like to share about myself (as if I don’t do that already). Today at work some of my co-workers and I were having a conversation about things we like and things we don’t like. Notice though, that I put “can’t” and “won’t” in my title. This comes in when we started talking about relationships and what things are deal breakers. So, I came up with some of my own. I will have to remember to keep this handy in case some tall, dark and handsome comes around and makes my brain go to mush (which shouldn’t be anytime soon).

#1 I cannot date someone who dislikes/hates/criticizes the following: Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Phantom of the Opera, ANY Disney film, and finally any music associated with said movies. And I won’t date them if there is one single bad word said about any of these. In this instance they mean the same thing.

#2 I won’t date someone who doesn’t respect me. I can’t date someone who treats me as someone under them. The differences here are that: a) I absolutely refuse to be disrespected and treated like crap. Been there, done that. b) I can’t date someone who thinks they’re better than me. This is different than the first part because I can date someone who has some pride in what they do, but they don’t rub it in my face. There’s a difference between pride and just plain being a dick.

#3 I can’t be with someone who doesn’t put me first. I won’t put up with being second best. Here, I have had the most problems. My current boyfriend used to be in love with someone else (she used to be his best friend), a long time ago, while we were still dating. This caused a HUGE fight which eventually led to our break-up, however, that break-up led to him realizing that I meant more to him than someone who treated him like absolute shit (no joke, she was not a great person). Anyways, with that being said, I can’t tolerate being put next to someone else. Being compared to them, because I’m not them. And I won’t be second.

Well, now you know. Those are my top three rules. There are a lot of other requirements that I may go into more later, but these are at the top. Hopefully, I haven’t bored all of you to death with my bit. Not sure how many people are actually reading any of these. On a happier note, I will be posting a short story soon. I wrote it a very, very long time ago, but I am tweaking it and fixing some minor details. I want it to be perfect for all of my fine readers (haha).

Goodnight all, thanks for all your support (not that I need it, but still).

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