Ass in gear, now I just need some motivation..

Not sure if the title of this one makes any sense, but I’m gonna run with it. So I believe last I posted I had talked about my failing economics grade? I can’t really remember, but basically, I need at least a 2.0 to pass the dang class so fingers crossed. The exam is Monday and even with my future hanging in the balance I can’t seem to focus. Tomorrow I shall begin my cramming and notecards and notes and all that fun jazz.

But right now? I shall share with you one of my early works. Edited of course. Still unsure of how many people are actually seeing and reading my blog/posts, but please don’t copy these stories. They are my pride and joy and I would hate to have to sue someone for plagiarizing. Please enjoy, just not too much.

Her Guardian Angel

Faceless, nameless; the same boy she had been dreaming about every day since her accident. Did he save her? He didn’t scare her. Why was it this boy in particular? She could never see his face…

Kyla saw headlights and heard screeching tires and glass shattering, all mixed in with the smell of burning rubber and hair. Then there was him; standing a few feet ahead, always facing away.

Two months ago, Kyla got into a car accident and although no one got hurt she lost her memory and could only go by what her parents told her.

Her name was Kyla, she was a senior in high school, she was almost eighteen years old, her birthday was April fourteenth, only a week away.

She didn’t remember any of her friends, even her supposed best friend Lydia, who promised to help her regain her memory. The only person she seemed close to was the mysterious boy in her dreams.

The eve of her eighteenth birthday came and she wished only to be able to know what the boy looked like.

As she fell asleep she hurdled into the nightmare that became a dream. She re-experienced the crash and saw the boy standing, this time, only inches away from her out-stretched hand.

“I can’t help you,” he said.

“Please!” she cried, “please …”

She was fading and she knew she would wake soon, so she pulled herself up, stood directly behind him and reached out to touch his shoulder.

He turned slowly then, and her breath caught when she saw his face. They stood facing each other and he reached out to catch her as she began to faint.

She grabbed his arms, not believing that she was finally seeing him for the first time. She studied every inch of him carefully.

His grey eyes sparkled and his mouth curved up into a half smile. He had a small dimple on the side he was smirking on. He had tan skin, strong arms and a firm chin, but what she really couldn’t take her eyes off of were his long gossamer wings spread out behind his back. They looked light, but strong at the same time, and they had appeared suddenly, large and glowing behind him.

“Who are you?” she asked in awe, “What are you?”

“I am your guardian angel,” he said, “My name is Skylar.”

“Why couldn’t I see you before?” Kyla asked.

“Because you can only see me when you are ready to pass on,” Skylar said.

“Pass on?” she asked, “I don’t understand…”

“You suffered so much trying to remember yourself, Kyla, now your suffering is over,” his voice soothed her, just the tone of it made her whole body relax. She looked up at him dreamily, still deep in her sleep.

“Where are we going?” she sighed.

“To a better life,” he smiled.

“With you?” she asked, suddenly anxious.

“Yes, with me,” he laughed.

She instantly relaxed. She was content with that answer, just resting her head against his chest and his arms around her she felt safe and loved. It was the first time she felt sure about something since the accident. She wasn’t confused anymore, or worried, or anxious, or sad that she couldn’t remember her old life. She would make new memories. With Skylar’s arms around her she leaned further into him as they ascended to a better place.


On that lovely note, goodnight everyone.

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