Better late than never…

Dear followers, friends, readers, etc.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to say that I will not be writing for a while as exams are taking up all of my spare time. I will leave you with a story so as not to disappoint. I hope to be back to my normal writing schedule next weekend. Until then, love you all and goodnight.

The Storm

Betrayal is the worst feeling

The one who you thought loved you decides to change their mind.

Lost in the flow of hugs, kisses and “I love you’s”

You think something will last forever, but really it’s just sand in the hourglass, slipping through your fingers.

Constant isolation, awkwardness and stress

In the end it just shows you how much you messed up

Freedom, unshackled, no more holding back

Best friend, sibling, soul mate?

So many questions can lead to one ultimate answer

A continuous flow of communication

So much togetherness

The aftermath of a storm always leads to a rainbow

The sun shining through the clouds helps ease and wash away the rest of the pain

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