I have a real problem and it starts with M-oney…

“What’s the point of college? You pay crap tons of money, you gain around 30K in debt, and then you spend the rest of your life paying back that debt from the somewhat decent job you got (if you even get a job)..hate to be pessimistic, but seriously. Growing up sucks, now I know why adults get wrinkles and grey hair…” This was my Facebook status a little while ago, but honestly. This has been a big issue in my house as of late. A warning to you. This is going to turn into a rant. Please excuse my truck stop language.

So, at the end of my senior year, my parents found out a couple of things that caused them to hold me back from going to my dream college, Michigan State University, as a freshman. Although I soon learned that it actually worked to my advantage, as I got an internship and steady job soon after my bad news. I have been steadily trying to save money for my transfer to MSU in the fall of 2013.

Well, here is where the ranting comes in. Tonight, I was ripped from my bed to the living room to be lectured about money. Something I really don’t have that much of. Yes, I have always had issues with saving money, but do you have to bring it up every fucking chance you get??? Come on!! I understand I need to raise $4,000 by the fall of 2013. It probably won’t happen. I just don’t have a way of doing that. Unless you want me to get two more fucking jobs just please lay off!!

I would never say these things to them of course. I am always short with my parents whenever the subject arises, which just leads to more bitching and whining because I’m being a sass, but I just want to be left alone. Growing up have proven to be nothing more than a pain in the A-S-S.

I understand schools have their own bills to pay, but where does all that money REALLY go?? I would love to get the financial report of the top colleges, just to see where all that money goes. I mean does it really cost $1,600 per credit hour? What does that money go to? Paying for the teachers’ salary and renting the classroom? I mean WHAT is that money for? I’d love to know what it really goes to.

I will end with this. If there really is gold at the end of the rainbow, I hope to find it. If I magically find a lamp, witch, whatever and get wishes I will use them wisely. If I can somehow work numbers to win the lottery, I would love to do that.

I hope everyone else is having better luck in their studies. I’d love to just win the lottery and not have to worry about college. Goodnight all, and good luck in life.

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