The end of the world is upon us…

Well, friends, the end of the world is in T-minus four hours and forty-nine forty-eight minutes. It seems as though it has gone by so fast. If I could I would high jack my boyfriend from work, drive to Vegas and get married right now and if for some reason the world didn’t end tomorrow I would happily stay married to him.

It’s been a very long time since you’ve seen anything written from me, but I can assure you I have been extremely busy. School is over and I barely passed some of my classes so my stress level has been above average. I know that right now if I were to die I wouldn’t be entering the pearly gates. There are many things in my life that I wish I could undo, but I most certainly don’t regret anything.

Life is what you make of it, in all its complexity and mystery. We are only human. We make mistakes, we go out to experience the world and we learn from the choices we make. Some say it is our choices that define us, others say it is our past. I would like to think it is both. I would never go back and change anything that I’ve done in the past. Even though I have made many mistakes and they have affected my life, they have also helped to shape my future.

From my choices and mistakes, I have made I have become a better person and I think that I have done the best I can do for me. I really could care less of what anyone else thinks of me. I have an opinion about things, I have free will and no one can ever take that away from me. I hope that you all remember to keep your heads up and never let people tell you what you have to be or tell you that you aren’t good enough.

So, if tomorrow does happen to be the end of the world. At least I know I have lived my life to the potential I think I should have lived it. After all, I’m only nineteen.

Good luck everyone, as always, and goodnight.

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