Is it love?

Is this it? Is this where I finally get my happy ending? Was it meant to be? Did they write us in the stars to wait this long, to suffer and go through all this pain? Do we finally get our chance?

I want so badly to believe it. I’ve never been this happy. The idea of us has been cemented in my mind for so long. It seems like it’s almost too good to be true.

I had dreams about this. More so about meeting you in the future. Seeing you with your family, and me an outsider. I had nightmares too, about us finally being together and something inevitably ripping us apart.

I want to believe in a happy ending. Of waking up with the same person, of having a life with them, of not having to worry about getting left.

A want, not a need. It’s something to hope for, but not a guarantee. I just want this to be it.

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