It’s you, it’s me, it’s us

It didn’t feel right leaving without goodbye.
It always feels unfinished
Everything happens for a reason.
Everything works out exactly the way it’s supposed to
More time, got lucky
My heart dances

Timing never matches for us
But somehow we work it out
Find the time to sneak away
Quick meetings, small victories
Elicit, situationship, puzzle
The perfect piece

Burning all the time
When will I go up in flames?
Closer, closer, but it’s never felt more right
Elation, calm, placated
Never having to wonder where I belong
My place is secondary
But with you I feel like number one

No doubts
Getting closer to the end
Always good while it lasts
Cry when it ends
Pick back up again later

Always later
Never forever
Dreaming of you
On my mind
It’s better when you’re around

Thank you for keeping me alive
But true
I feel like I can breathe again
The weight lifts away

One day I won’t need an anchor
But it doesn’t feel right
Not without you
It’ll be sad
But maybe it’ll be better
Etched on my heart

Thank you.

Your body keeps me awake
But I say nothing, and you say nothing
I give it all for a taste
But we say nothing
It’s time for something

-Dream of You by Chunga and R3HAB

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