Do it for you.

Funny how a couple of months went by like nothing. Does time just go faster when you get older? Feels like my life is zooming by and I’m barely living in it. Have I been depressed? Am I trying too … Continue reading Do it for you.

Happy New Year ’23

It’s already the new year. Funny how some things escape notice. I spend the first part of the year trying so hard to get into a strict routine. Trying to find myself and create achievable goals like I have done every year before. Then I realized that I was falling behind, another day missing the gym, another day not eating the meal prep I spent so much money on (thanks food inflation), another day missing my skincare routine, another day not doing what I had so meticulously planned December 31st… Now we are almost to March 1st. I am trying … Continue reading Happy New Year ’23