The past few weeks have been extremely trying and eye opening as I started to really dig and do some soul searching. I am working towards my best self and although in the past I would say a lot of different things, I have actually been pushing to make them happen as of late. This is the time to manifest everything I have been dreaming about for myself and my future. I got to talk to a really good friend of mine today who has seen me at some of my darkest moments and she told me that she can … Continue reading Manifesting

Take a leap

I’ve been so scared to actually do what I want in my life because I feel like I’ve epically failed at everything up to this point. Do I constantly put myself down and talk myself out of doing something I love because I’m afraid of failure or do I take the leap? I’m miserable with myself and I’m tired of waking up doing the same thing over and over. Hopefully this is the real first step towards change and I can allow myself to let go of my anxiety about everything. Continue reading Take a leap