Reality is better

Having your head stuck in the clouds only gets you so far in this life. Fantasizing about all the things you could have or want only makes the life you’re living more miserable. Why wouldn’t you go after what you want with full force if you had the chance? If you knew you would be told yes to everything you asked for, wouldn’t you ask for the world?

It baffles me daily how many people complain about where they are and are given so many signs and opportunities, but don’t choose to take a single one. I can never understand how some people stay in miserable relationships or with fake friends just for the clout or to show face.

What’s the point of having people who don’t care about you and bad mouth you behind your back? What’s the point of having people in your life who don’t contribute to your dreams or who don’t support you? Why would you detriment yourself that way?

I have really gotten into manifesting and living in a more positive way, as I’ve spoken on in earlier posts and it has really resonated with me how much the universe does actually listen to us. I always blamed my problems on other people or lack of things in my life when it was really just me the whole time. I was holding myself back from living my best life.

One of my mentors Matthew Welsh says, “Don’t listen to yourself, talk to yourself. You cannot think a negative thought while saying something positive. If it isn’t going to matter five years from now, don’t spend more than five minutes thinking about it.” There are many other tidbits I’ve taken from him and learned from him that I implement in my life and it has made a huge difference.

I have also noticed that the people who come from little or nothing are the ones who work the hardest to make better their situation. You don’t see a lot of millionaires these days outside of reality TV who actually came from money. They were just poor hard working people who made ideas come to life. They manifested and created their dreams and believe it or not, you can do it too.

I am a huge advocate for going after what you want. I have always been someone who could never settle. It hurts me to watch my friends struggle and stumble through life when there are only one or two things they could do to change their whole perspective.

It saddens me to watch friends stay in toxic or unhappy relationships when they don’t need to and could be so much happier alone or finding someone who would truly take care and love them.

I am not someone who is going to sit on the sidelines and watch life pass me by. I am not someone who is going to deprive myself of the simple pleasures in life and allow little things to get to me anymore. I have seen how I can bring abundance and opportunity into my own life and I am not going to stop anytime soon.

Am I a life coach? By no means, but I think that I have realized a lot of valuable things and had a lot of epiphanies that are too big to ignore and I want to share them openly with you. Do not wait. Do not let life pass you by. Do not let opportunities slip through your fingers. Do not let fear keep you from the change at a bigger job, a better relationship, or financial freedom. Don’t let anything hold you back. If you don’t feel satisfied in this life, that is the universe telling you that you deserve more and you need to wake up and let it happen.

I hate the word “settle”. So many people in my life have asked me why I can’t just settle. Well guess what? I did settle. I settled for a shit job, a shit relationship, a shit major in college before choosing what I really wanted to do, shitty ‘friends’, and overall just had a lot of shit in my life that was unnecessary. I settled for years and years and was miserable with myself. So I will NEVER settle again. I will take from life whatever I want and I manifest the best things into my life. And I will tell you that so far I have not been disappointed.

I wish all the best things for all of you in this life. It’s too too short not to do everything you ever wanted. There are good ways of going about these things, but you also have to put in a little work. Just because you want something doesn’t mean it’s just going to fall into your lap. You have to do a little soul searching and understand the messages the universe is giving you. When a job falls through, that is the universe setting you up for something bigger. If a relationship fails, that is the universe telling you your soulmate is still out there.

Have you ever been truly sad when something ended or were you a little relieved? Did you ever stop to think about the lesson you learned from what you thought or felt was failure? Did you ever look back at all the little red flags that were waving frantically? Maybe not. But this is your wake up call. Start looking, start listening, and the universe (I PROMISE YOU) will deliver exactly what you want and need.

The universe sends you what you are ready for. So make sure you’re ready. Make sure you’re confident in yourself. Believe that you really truly deserve all the happiness that you want in your life. It will come to you. I know because it’s happening to me right now. Every day there is something new and I have never felt more at peace with where I am.

I am excited to continue my journey with you all. Thank you for being here and I hope that I can help some of you along the way. That’s all I’ve ever wanted in this life and I can feel it growing.

3 thoughts on “Reality is better

  1. i really resonate with everything you’ve written! i’m in a similar place in life where i’ve realized that i settled in relationships, in friendships, and in decisions, usually chasing the “safe” option in the past. but it has turned around for me now that i’ve started listening to myself and taking more risks. good luck to you in your journey!

  2. I enjoyed reading this. The very end of the post is extremely relatable to me. I’ve made the active and conscious choice to keep working on me and do the soul searching as you put it. Thanks for sharing this.

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