It’s all in the cards

Sometimes I get overwhelmed. I don’t know if I’m on the right track, I don’t know if I’m doing everything I’m supposed to be doing. A lot of the time I can follow my gut. I can feel when something isn’t right. I don’t always act on the feeling right away. Maybe I should be more proactive. Maybe it doesn’t matter either way.

I have been feeling so much energy the last few months. I’ve been pushing forward in my life. Feeling like I am slowly moving in the right direction finally. Making choices that are putting me on the right path. But it stills feels like I am missing something.

I recently reached out to a friend of mine to help with some clarity. I have been having vivid dreams about relationships, kids, all the things I don’t feel like I deserve or things I can’t have literally. I told her about how I felt and she offered to read some cards for me.

When she asked me to think of specific questions or things I wanted clarity on these things came to mind: “I’d really like to know if I’m making the right choices financially. If I’m not allowing myself to be loved because of something? Or someone…I just feel like something isn’t fully there.”

She said, “I haven’t pulled any cards yet, but I’m getting a strong message to stay focused on what you are trying to manifest and attract. Things are heading your way that will try to steer you away from your goals. Start being more specific in your manifesting. Angels are saying abundance, prosperity, and wealth come in many many forms. Be more specific about how you want it to arrive to you.”

I felt good about that. I was nervous. I have felt a little disconnected and unaligned which makes sense in terms of how I have been manifesting things. I was reverting to old habits and thinking about people who had no place in my life anymore and so I unintentionally manifested them back.

My first card was You Got The Love: Hadarian energy, codependency, boundaries. The Hadarians are believed to be beacons of pure, divine, unconditional love who see love in all people and situations. As a result, they can find it hard to have boundaried, interdependent, healthy relationships because they only see the unconditional nature of those they meet. The lovers of the cosmos, they dive in fast. They’re here to learn how to love while in a separate body. To learn to love self first and then establish healthy relationships with others. To remember that the love they seek is already within them. That they truly do have the love all on their own.
The message of this card is to review the ways you may need to establish healthier boundaries. Perhaps you’re in a codependent relationship in which you may be losing your sense of self. It’s common for Starseeds to dive deep into relationships, particularly with those who feel safe and familiar at a soul level. Perhaps you’re in a relationship in which you give more than you receive. Or perhaps there’s a certain volatility to it and you’re always unsure where you stand. This card is a sign to do a relationship review and see what energetic agreements you’ve made consciously or unconsciously. To acknowledge if there are relationships in which you feel anxious or powerless. In which you don’t feel like it’s safe to relax and just be you. To assess if there are any places of inadequacy that you’ve used a relationship to soothe and cover up.

This was extremely insightful considering all the turmoil I’ve been feeling in my love life and personal relationships. I felt so strongly about it that I cried a bit over it. It was a relief and painful at the same time. To know that I wasn’t completely crazy, but also knowing what I had to do going forward.

My second card was Big Picture Thinking: Spirit says, you have a spiritual team helping you find your goldmine. Goldmine, goldmine, goldmine. Pleiadean energy represents a reminder that it is never too late to learn new things and change our future. So don’t forget to breathe as you unlearn a lot of things. Your team also sees this new vision that you are holding. You naturally think big, actually you’re a genius, you could change the world. But for now, you are changing your own world, dreaming, bigger than ever. The future belongs to people like you. People who have enough courage to question the status quo and envision new possibilities. Have you had an idea recently that you feel called to act on or pursue more deeply? This card is your confirmation to go for it and that you are being divinely guided! You really are powerful enough to change the future and lead others towards a better world. Trust your vision and follow it through with daily action and consistency. Stay focus, keep an open mind, but don’t worry about what others think because it takes a very brave person to pave a new path, a big- thinker to trust a vision before it’s a reality.

There have been so many big things I want to do in my life. I have not completely hashed them out, but I feel compelled towards traveling more and going that route which is something I have always wanted to do. I feel less crazy and that I am going the right way more than ever. I am working harder than I ever have towards the life I know I deserve and I am so excited.

For all the ups and downs I have been through it is nice to feel like it wasn’t all for nothing. I am trying to really live in the moment and focus on the great things I get to experience on a daily basis. I am so grateful that I am where I am and for all the amazing experiences. Live your best life and be happy. Thank you as always for being with me as I go along.

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