Manifesting continued…

I know it has been quite a while since I have been here with you all. There have been a lot of different things happening in my life that I can barely keep track of let alone update on. I met someone new who makes me very happy, I got the new job I have been waiting for, and I moved back across the country to the East Coast. Currently I don’t have my own place so that has brought up some challenges, but we are learning to roll with those.

Everyone at my new job is super welcoming and I love the environment so far. I know that it is going to be challenging and exciting. I am growing in myself as I entered a new age (literally) and in some ways I feel like a ‘real’ adult now. Closer to 30 than 25…kind of terrifying.

I met someone new and it has been a little more challenging than I’d like to admit. Breaking out of old habits, learning not to let my anxious attachment style ruin a good thing. We are taking things slow and seeing where it goes. But I am happy. He makes me happy. And it is sort of a foreign feeling having it all at once.

There have been MANY hiccups so far. Learning that a credit score is a little more important these days. Realizing that the mistakes of my younger self are starting to catch up at an alarming speed. Trying to stay positive through it all and remember that everything happens for a reason. Everything is happening as it is meant to and it will all work out.

I try to watch or listen to motivational things in the morning to get me in a better mindset/mood for the day so that the small inconveniences do not get to me too badly. This morning I listened to a TikTok from Steve Harvey where it says to change one word in your every day vocabulary to affect how you look at different items:

I have to go to work ——> I get to go to work
I have to go to the gym ——> I get to go to the gym
I have to clean/cook/study/etc. ——> I get to….

It changes how you look at these daily tasks or things you wouldn’t think of in a positive way. You give power back to yourself, you give back time in your day when you look at all these things as positive parts of your day.

So try and change your perspective. Look at the things you view as bad as opportunities, reasons for pushing towards the right things. There is so much growth to be had. You should never stop learning in your lifetime. There is always room for improvement. There is always a chance to start over even when you think there isn’t. People who are 80 just start to live life sometimes so why can’t we do that now?

I have held back so much and there were so many things that could’ve been amazing if I wasn’t so worried about everything being perfect. Life is messy. Nothing is going to work out exactly the way you want it to no matter how much you plan. So live in the moment when you can. Enjoy the little things. Stress less. Breathe.

Think about where you came from vs. where you are now. How different does it look? Is there something you can do about it? Can you do more? Do you want to? Live the life you always wanted because no one is going to do it for you. You can live life through someone else’s eyes or live it yourself.

As always thank you for being with me on my journey.

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