Being a side piece…

As frustrating as it can be to be #2 or the second option or the side piece, it is somehow also comforting knowing my “place” so to speak. I like knowing outcomes ahead of time. As an overthinker, I don’t have to wonder if it’s going to end, but when. I am not negating my worth here by any means. What people do with their time is on them. This is just how I have been comfortable in certain relationships and after putting myself back in the dating pool I am perfectly fine being in situationships and one night stands for now. I am doing “relationships” on my own terms and I am happy with where I am. As I said the focus of this year is me, myself, and I and it is something I am going to revel in. So, until someone can come along and match my energy, I’ll invest where I want and leave where I am not wanted.

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