Summer nights, mid-July….

Sometimes we want to go a little bit Gatsby as the saying goes. I have felt so many levels of life over the past few months. I had my heart broken again, I met some people who did not match my energy, and I was about to give up on love once again.

But then I met him. It feels right. I am afraid to type about it and ruin it, but so far he has accepted every flaw, every insecurity, and celebrated who I am while understanding that I am an individual.

As life is up and down, so is how I have been asking the Universe for things. I have asked for the perfect man, but chased ones who barely gave me the time of day. I have asked for a pure love and someone who accepts me, but accepted the opposite. The Universe has had their work cut out for them.

I have asked for wealth, but been poor about managing what I have. Now I am actively working towards being debt free and increasing knowledge about investing.

There is so much that I have already received and I am so ready for more. I am open and willing to accept the gifts the Universe is preparing for me. I am so loved at the moment and I have been actively cutting out all that does not serve me to include my diet, people, and things.

I am grateful for all the life lessons and am ready for more. I am more prepared for the next chapter than I was before. I am excited to share it with you all. Stay positive and remember the Universe is always listening even if it doesn’t seem like it right away.

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