Trick or Treat?

In honor of Halloween, I have decided that this is going to be a special post. It begs a question that has brought about the long-time controversy. How old is too old to stop Trick or Treating? What do you think folks? Should there be an age limit to Trick or Treating? Should there be rules? I would say let’s open a discussion, but I don’t think anyone even looks at my posts, sooooooo..awkward.

I mean, ever since I was like 2 I have dressed up and gone Trick or Treating. I’ve been a princess, a ladybug, a softball player, a witch, Little Red Riding hood, and this year I am going to be a cat.

Now, here’s the thing though. It’s one thing to dress up and go have a good time collecting candy in a polite and appropriate manner, and it is a completely different thing to go and dress up like a complete whore and expect to get the same response.

Ladies. It’s October. I mean Hurricane Sandy is ripping across the U.S. and it’s windy and 30 degrees out. Cover. Up. If you want guys to think you’re sexy, give them something to imagine. When you leave like every inch of your body out in the open it’s only appealing to creepers and jerks. But hey, maybe that’s what you were going for.

Back to Trick or Treating (before this turns into a rant on scantily clad women in skanky Halloween costumes) personally, I think that you can be any age to go Trick or Treating. I mean who’s gonna be taking the kids out anyways? Might as well join in on all the fun. Dress up, milk the ‘getting free candy’ thing as long as you possibly can. But be fair. At least dress up and say “Trick or Treat!” when you go door to door. Cus opening up the door to a teenager with a beard with no costume isn’t as appealing as opening it up to a ghost or a princess.

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