So, for all of those who have been hiding from Facebook, T.V.’s and radio’s everywhere. Our new president is going to be Obama for another four years. Yes, I am a little heartbroken that my vote didn’t win, but hey, that happens. What I am really here to write about is how some people can actually have the nerve to bash our country and who’s running it; when they haven’t even exercised their right to vote. I mean, the ignorance of some people is just downright¬†appalling.

First of all. If you say that voting is stupid and you don’t care about who is going to win, then don’t fucking bitch about it the next day when the person who wins isn’t someone you like. You don’t get to have an opinion because you didn’t choose to have one when the polls were open.

Second. If you don’t like who’s running on either side, there are other parties out there that you can research and find out information about. Don’t complain about there not being a SINGLE candidate out there you would vote for. I mean, there’s always Vermin Supreme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g1s_U35nE6Q

Finally. Please for the love of God, have an opinion of your own. Political commercials and biased people shouldn’t be making up your mind for you. Go out and research! I mean it really doesn’t take that much of your time. If you want to have a civilized and intelligent conversation with someone without looking like a complete dumbass. Please. Do your homework. Save yourself the humiliation and save others their wasted breath.

I also wanted to put out there that thanks to my wonderful friend Ellen (who is opposite on most views with me) we actually had a nice little conversation today about ignorant people. I thought it would be fun to come up with a new book (besides the ones we’ve already said we’d write) on educating the stupid people out there.

The Ignorant of Today; Educated Tomorrow

Our trilogy (thought up junior year): Boys R Dumb, Girls R Dumb, People R Dumb

Well, goodnight everyone. And remember. Do your homework!

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