Lean into it***

I recently had a conversation with a good friend of mine about relationships and ensuring that you are comfortable in your own skin and with your own company before trying to share that with someone else. It was definitely eye opening and even a little disappointing on my end as I struggle with some of the concepts centered around being “alone”.

Who is to say that we NEED to be with another person or that is the “happy ending”? The best relationships are the ones we have with ourselves. (Although it sounds terribly cliche) it’s really about being a whole person and the person who joins us on our individual journey is only meant to enhance what’s already there. They should be a complete person, I think these men we find ourselves dealing with need to fix themselves before they can imagine having someone in their life in a serious way. Additionally, and adversely sometimes while we WANT someone particular they may not be our person. You’re looking at it from what YOU want instead try looking at what you NEED. We need to find out who we are as individuals – a few months can’t reset us. The people who find “their one” after a relationship is the exception NOT the rule. Don’t measure your cup with someone else’s measuring glass. Find peace within yourself. WE ARE OUR ONLY HOPE. Never look for another person to save you – look for someone to hold your hand while you save yourself. Sometimes just when we think our journey is complete life throws a curveball. Don’t be afraid of being alone; only in solidarity do we realize just how strong we can be. Lean into the struggle. Be present. Live intentionally. This is a period that is more needed than you know. When the person comes to us we will be amazed that we ever doubted the universe’s plan for us. “Lean Into It” – be present for this. Should a person make the unfortunate move to leave remember; “some people are like scaffolding, they are there while you’re being built. They are there until you’re able to withstand stormy weather, strong winds, earthquakes, and when you’re strong enough, it is removed. So do not be upset when they are removed from your life, be thankful that they have helped you grow for when they are removed the building still remains.”

It was extremely insightful and meaningful to me. I will still struggle in some areas and with accepting I need to let go of some things that I want to hold onto, but overall the message is simple. Enjoy life, accept that not everyone who comes into your life is meant to stay, live and love as you want to, don’t hold back. Lean into it.

I truly believe that everything in life happens for a reason and although sometimes I forget to accept that I do live by it. No one wants to feel hurt or loss, but that is all a part of life and sometimes things that go out of your life for a little while come back to you when the time is right. Sometimes they don’t and that’s alright. The universe works in mysterious ways and if I’ve learned anything in my life up to this point it is that shit never happens the way you expect.

Enjoy what you have while you have it. Sometimes it doesn’t leave all the way. Accept things for what they are and know that what is meant to find you will when the time is right. Work on yourself and remember that you are the Tequila not the lime! You know what you bring to the table because you bought the fucking table! Live mas. Hakuna Matata. Peace ooooot.

Love you all and thanks for listening xoxo

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