The past few weeks have been extremely trying and eye opening as I started to really dig and do some soul searching. I am working towards my best self and although in the past I would say a lot of different things, I have actually been pushing to make them happen as of late. This is the time to manifest everything I have been dreaming about for myself and my future. I got to talk to a really good friend of mine today who has seen me at some of my darkest moments and she told me that she can see everything I am working towards and that she is proud of me. It means the world that I have so much support from all over the place. Just know that I can see you. I hear you cheering me on from the sidelines and the ones who were always there are the ones who get to share in the success.

I know exactly who has been there for me through the thick and the worst of it all. I know exactly who I can call and who will help me at the drop of a hat even when I can’t repay them right away. This is me getting there. This is me working my ass off to pay back every single person who has believed in me from the beginning. I see you too. I’m proud of where you are and I see you kicking ass. We are gonna make it. I know who I want on my team. I look forward to sharing this awesome journey with you all.

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