I create myself

“I am Bad Wolf. I create myself.” – Rose Tyler, Doctor Who

When did everything change? I really don’t have to think that hard. One opportunity when I was at my absolute lowest point. The one of a lifetime. To completely turn everything around. Build relationships, don’t stop trying to learn new things, never give up. You can manifest whatever you want in this life, including negativity and that’s where I was.

The military gave my the biggest, most amazing family I could ever ask for. People who I know would drop everything to help me if I really needed it. These are the relationships I nurture and keep well. They are never going away and I am so grateful.

For the longest time I felt hopeless. Like an absolute failure. That I wasn’t going to move forward in my life. I was working so so so hard to accomplish my dreams and in doing so wasn’t seeing past the narrow view of the road in front of me. There were so many other opportunities available, but I had closed off my mind to them.

Investing always scared me. Putting money into something so fluid. No guarantees. Afraid to take chances on anything and in doing so not progressing either. Sometimes in life you have to take risks and trust that the reward will eventually follow.

I took a chance on an old Soldier of mine. He was so sure that I would be a perfect fit for this kind of job. Helping families and growing my future at the same time. The idea of being financially independent and stable was too appealing to pass up this time. I risked it all on a chance and I am starting to finally see the benefits of doing so.

My mental health has been so much better. Physically I get myself to the gym and changed my diet around so that I could still eat what I want and enjoy myself. I began to see negativity fly out of my life and I was starting to help push it out too.

My mentor has helped me so much in the area of financial literacy. All our lives we are taught to pay bills and eventually we’ll die, maybe in debt or maybe not. That is not the life I want for myself or my future. It isn’t the life I want for my family or friends, but I see it constantly.

As I grow and learn and teach myself how to grow wealth and manifest the things I want in my life it seems so simple. If the rich can do it, why can’t we? It should be a simple equation, but we are constantly moving from one job to the next thinking that our hard work will eventually yield what we want.

Work SMARTER not HARDER. That is such an important saying to me now. Make your money work for you. Let it grow and surpass whatever meager job you’re working. Do you LOVE what you’re doing? I don’t and I haven’t for a long time. I hate reporting to someone else and the idea of doing it forever makes me sick.

Why am I going to let someone else dictate what I do with my life? Why am I going to allow other people to shape my future when it isn’t what I want? It’s time to do something. If you’ve felt like you’ve been stuck in a hole with no way out for so long, I’m telling you you can escape.

You already have the tools you need. You just need to find the right mentor and the right resources to help you use the tools effectively. Life is so fleeting. Why wouldn’t you spend it doing something you love?

Make a list, get into a routine, stick to it. Don’t give up. The day you quit is the day before you start to see the fruits of everything you worked for. Keep at it. The worst day of your life happens right before the best one. But if you don’t stick around to see what the next day brings then you’ve lost.

I believe so much in everything I’m doing that I know all of you can do it. If you look back at my old content you can see the despair and pain so easily. Today feels like none of that ever happened to me. Remember to believe in yourself, because no one else is going to hold your hand through this life.

Even the darkest moments of your life are meant to lead you somewhere and it’s up to you to decide whether you are going to lay down in it or get up and push back. We are made for so much and can do so much so it’s our responsibility to decide.

I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me because it’s finally looking up. Gonna enjoy the ride. Thank you all for being with me on this journey of growth.

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